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Value Recovery employs proprietary technology to convert hazardous byproducts like methyl chloride, allyl bromide, phenol, acrylate, and cyanide found in either air or dilute water streams to useful chemicals. Benefits of this technology are:

A. Generation of new revenue from the creation of a saleable product out of previously wasted byproducts and
B. Cost avoidance from not having to incinerate organic wastes that contain halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine) or are highly water soluble organic anions that (economically) resist traditional removal methods.

The compelling technical feature of the phase transfer catalytic process is that it brings together reactants from separate phases that would not normally interact and catalyzes their reaction. The reactions have been known for years and follow well understood mechanisms. For environmental applications, the catalysts are relatively cheap and are stable enough to be recycled within the process.

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