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An Alternative to Incineration

The technology we use is called "Phase Transfer Catalysis" or PTC. This technology de-halogenates alkyl and acyl halides at low temperatures, ~50°C, and converts the halogen to a benign salt dissolved in water like sodium chloride or sodium bromide. The cleavage of carbon - halogen bonds under controlled conditions to make salt is in direct contrast to incineration where high temperature reactions of halogen containing organics result in the formation of free radicals that deplete the ozone layer.

Incineration is also applied to water soluble organic anions at low concentration in water, that can range from 3 to 15%. These are "burned" because there is no other economic alternative to their removal. Our technology avoids the cost of heating up all of the excess water (85 to 99% of streams that can be between 1 and 30 GPM) to 850 °C to 1200°C necessary for complete thermal destruction.

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